Specificsoftware applications
Automated management systems of various purposes
  • Complex solutions in area of monitoring, analysis and process management on elimination of emergency situations of technological and natural origin;
  • High-tech instrumental and software solutions for designing of intellectual integrated security system at entities of extreme importance and excessive danger aimed to protect one from unsanctioned break-in;
  • IT-communication solutions aimed for setting up common notification system and operator’s connection;
  • Pharmaceutical solutions aimed for designing automated patients’ cards, their analysis and preparations of statistical data;
  • All decisions regarding automation of monitoring processes and management of various telecommunication equipment for digital connection work;
  • All-inclusive  decisions about autonomous of processes showing the interaction between various entities within a common information space.
Analytical software
  • In analysis and maintenance of intersystem electromagnetic combination of various radioelectric equipment on board the car/aircraft (including various types of connection radiosystem, location, navigation; PCs and management systems, information and management systems, power supply, conditioning etc.);

  • In analysis and provision of foreign electromagnetic combination of radioelectronic equipment, planning and acquisition of frequencies;

  • In connection planning – making calculations to forecast connection for radio-relay connection, radio devices;

  • In processing of geodesic data;

  • In the area of processing of multimedia data – solutions of “computations eyesight” (videoanalysis).